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15 Rules of Parenting

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Shortly after my son’s 15th birthday, I shared 15 hard-earned learnings about raising a child - on Linkedin and 400K+ people read it. 3000+ people engaged with it.

Many friends suggested I put this as an ebook and expand the points. This ebook is 36 pages. It is the expanded version of it named ’15 Rules of Parenting’ - a tiny playbook for raising the Generation Alpha.  Parenting is a serious thing, and inherently complex. There is no course or manual for it. Here are some hard-earned realizations. I'm sure you would find it practically useful.

Read more on the 15 rules:

01 Action

02 Whisper

03 Interests

04 Mimetic

05 Peers

06 Create

07 Others

08 Food

09 Internet

10 Money

11 Thoughts

12 Hugs

13 Equal

14 Thinking

15 Time

Download and enjoy reading the book.

Krishna Kumar

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36 page ebook on '15 Rules of Parenting'

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15 Rules of Parenting

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