In Less Than Two Eighty Characters

Krishna Kumar
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This is a little book of 100 pages - all about writing big ideas with brevity. A Twitter-trained writer who believes brevity matters most in the world of lower attention span and information overload.

Here some brave ideas are conquered with brevity. I have tried not to lose its clarity. Even if it does sometimes, I'm sure, ideas take a new life of their own in your minds. So it takes a new shape, achieves metabolism, and creates a civilization - in your mind.

A text, a tweet, a ten-second voice note - that is enough to start a change. Writing with brevity and clarity is a superpower in a world with an attention span of a Whatsapp status.

Brevity is not about binary ideas. It is about allowing enough space for the continuum and yet standing on its own.

Twitter has a two-eighty-character limit for a tweet. So except this page, all pages in this little book of philosophy are all drafted and crafted in less than two eighty characters.

It is like a military regimen to compress big ideas into a few words without losing its soul. Like decluttering a chaotic place, these are ideas that declutter you from the noise outside and help you listen to your own inner voice.

Enjoy reading.

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In Less Than Two Eighty Characters

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